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So you have tired looking tiles, stained, or just plain ugly. If you don’t want to spend hundreds to replace tiles, or don’t have the time, your options are limited. You want to cover the tiles as cheaply as possible. You could re-grout the tiles for a little improvement, but the largest surface still looks bad. Why not paint? The biggest issue with painting wall tiles is the nature of its surface. Tiles do not hold paint well because of its surface energy, which simply means it has a surface that does not attract adhesion very well, so adhesives will peel off easily. Paint is basically colored glue. If you have porcelain, glass, ceramic, and even some stone tiling, paint is not recommended. If you have plastic wall tiles, they may be more receptive to a coat of paint, but prone to scratches.

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There is a better option that most people aren’t aware of: wet applied colored film.  You could not only cover the tiles cheaply but you now have the ability to modernize your bathroom.

What is wet applied colored film? It is very similar to vehicle wraps that come in a any color or design in gloss or matte finishes. The biggest difference is how you apply the film to your bathroom wall. And you’ll be happy to know that applying bathroom film tile is easier than vehicle wraps, where you will need a professional to install in most cases. With bathroom wet film, you could do this yourself with some simple guidelines, but more on that later.

Unlike paint or even re-tiling a wall, your color and design options with colored film offers you much more choices. Think of all the colors and graphic designs you could create on a printer. Printing on film for your bathroom wall is the same thing. You could choose from dozens of shades of blue, red, yellow, etc, not to mention special design elements and shading. If you just want t clean white tile, bathroom film will give you that option.

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With film, you could cover all the bathroom walls or create an accent wall.

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Special considerations when using film. Since you cover the whole wall, you do not retain grout lines. The film conforms to curved areas so tiles will remain well outlined.


Cleaning. The film requires little maintenance and simple cleaning.  Do not use abrasives or chemicals on the film. A white sponge does a great job at providing cleaning and wiping away hard water marks.

Installation. Simple tools are needed for installation: film, squeegee, and a blade knife. See installation video here.

Bathroom wet film here.