The average decorator or interior designer will inevitably fill many a professional office space with artwork.  It is not always obvious in that moment how the artwork will come to affect those who will continuously occupy this space.  In workplaces where every day brings with it a new and unpredictable set of challenges, that artwork will always be there as a grounding constant.

Office spaces that inherently have a sterile or unwelcoming feeling about them can be absolutely transformed by the addition of artwork.  Those who find themselves in dreary or undesirable positions may already feel disheartened showing up to their workplaces every day.  Having these visual escapes could be the slight addition that raises their spirits.

wall art workplace

Google Campus known for their playful artwork, but here an unexpected twist that features more “grown-up” art yet playful in a sophisticated way.

Art in office environments is a great tool in making both employees and visitors feel welcome.  When we think of places in which we want to spend our time, we want to be surrounded by what makes us comfortable.  If one walks into an office space and spots a van Gogh or Monet print, they may immediately take comfort in the familiar.

Depending on the context of the office, artwork often invites very unique interpretations. One might see a painting in their therapist’s office and wonder what deeper meaning the work is meant to have.  Or perhaps a piece hanging in the office of a superior might exude a particularly authoritative quality.

When someone hangs a piece of art in their office, they are making a statement about themselves and the workplace itself.  Whether they are inviting it or not, the people who will come to meet with them in that office will associate this personal choice with them.  Office artwork is a great instrument for those so inclined to express their character.

In the end, not all office workers have the luxury of an amazing view of their city or town.  There may not even be windows for that matter.  When set with these limitations, having a painting or photograph of a downtown street or an open sky can fill that void.  No one wants to feel confined or suffocated in his or her daily surroundings.  Artwork can be that open window.