Create simple yet striking wall decor with seasonal leaves. They create dimensional frame, texture, and bring the natural beauty of outdoors into your room. Below we use the same room with different leaves to demonstrate how leaves easily integrate into a space’s decor.

All leaves are Photo Paint Palettes and available from mywholewall

wall art leaf

The part of the leaf you can see here is a complex pattern of hollow veins making up the leaf’s skeleton. A leaf’s veining system provides food and water to the rest of its cells. … All that remains is the delicate system of veins that make a lacy pattern. The neutral tones of this leaf blend very well with natural wood tones and fibers.


wall art leaf

This metallic inspired leaf brings a harder edge to its space. The curvy leaf also build up the tempo and creates movement.


wall art leaf

Here is a skeleton leaf that looks like it is an x-ray of a leaf.The thick dark veins contrast dramatically with its white backdrop.This wider leaf also adds a boulder look to your wall.


wall art leaf

A pink skeleton leaf, here two are overlapped, brings color to the neutral tones of the room. You could play with the position of  the leaves to suit your mood.

leaf contrast art

A large contrasting black and white leaf adds a classy mood to the space. Works well with large piece of white furniture or area rug.


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