The neutral tones, the thick and textured strokes of paint, and the contrast of light and dark make Cara Gonier’s work instantly likeable.  The majority of her pieces are abstract, stemming from the contraction of a landscape.  They are ethereal, tranquil, and beautifully executed.

There is something about the atmospheric landscape that is certain to be pleasing to the eye.  Perhaps it is the idea that they these vistas could be “anywhere”, which allows the viewer to impress upon them the places that have personal meaning to them.  Oppositely, it could be that due to their elusiveness of being “anywhere”, they take on an almost fictional quality…they are both everywhere and nowhere.

Despite their meditative and quiet qualities, Gonier’s pieces still possess a great deal of delicate movement.  She says that this instinct stems from her studies as a classical vocalist.  She says, “I use music as a catalyst for visualization and movement…” to describe her process.  Artists put so much of themselves into their work, and it is always fascinating which facets of their lives will find their way onto the canvas.

The physicality of her paint is part of the work’s appeal.  The textures, though belonging to abstracted images, are so tangible that they enhance the ability to read the shapes as representational images.  Whether we see a billowy cloud or foam from the sea, her choice to execute these strokes with her palette knife gives her scenery life.

The range in size within her body of work is also intriguing.  The pieces range from as tiny as 6” x 6” or 12” x 12” to as large as 40” x 40”.  The miniatures make the viewer or buyer feel as though those pieces were made for them and them alone.  When they can stand on a shelf or fill a small personal space in a home, they immediately join the ranks of memorabilia.  Conversely, her large works that define the rooms in which they hang feel akin to an open window, letting us peer out at that “everywhere” and “nowhere” view.

With the atmospheric landscape, there is an inherent pensiveness that holds the viewers’ attention.  Gonier’s work exemplifies the peaceful longing this scenery brings about.  Though we may not know where it is, we want to be there.

Note: images shown here are not the work of Cara Gonier. You may purchase atmospheric images on our product page.