A great and easy way to create dimensional effect with wall art is by using 1″ mounting blocks. They are available with high tack adhesive on both sides and simply attach by adding firm pressure.

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foam mounting block

foam mounting block

Make sure wall is clean and free of dust. Just use water and a rag to wipe down wall before applying.

With foam mounting blocks, almost any object could be attached to wall.

foam mounting block

foam mounting block on butterfly

foam mounting block

foam mounting block guitar and wood block

foam mounting block

foam mounting block trimmed to fit guitar neck

If you want to protect the object, like a guitar, or wall from adhesive foam residue, there are a couple things you could do. Stick packaging tape over the surface and then apply the foam block on top of the packaging tape. You might still have residue issues with the packaging tape, but won”t be so aggressive like the foam tape blocks. To be sure you don’t have residue, use Apartment Tape, or other removable adhesive between the foam block and surface.

The number of foam blocks needed depends on two factors: the weight of the object and the surface tension, or how easy does adhesive stick to the surface. A 1″ foam block will hold about 8 ounces, but may hold 1 pound easily if the object surface and wall surface a very easy to stick adhesive to. So just keep in mind the bond will vary from project to project.

mounting tape for art

Apartment Tape for mounting paper mache letters to wall


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