Bathroom remodels are perfect for those who want to unleash their creativity in the realm of interior design. To achieve visual harmony in a bathroom isn’t hard at all, especially since there are tons of unique features you can add to it, including bamboo tubs, colored shower tiles, and marble-like wallpaper.

If you want to get inspired though, read below to find out the top 5 bathroom redesign ideas for the average homeowner:


Incorporating natural stone to a design has always been an amazing way to modernize the household and increase its luxurious feel. Even the ancient Greeks praised marble and according to the experts, this material will continue to be popular even beyond 2020. So whether marble or soapstone, natural stone countertops will instantly improve the look of your bathroom. Some homeowners go even further and purchase natural stone cabinets, tubs, and backsplashes.


In the past, people mostly focused on bathroom floors and cabinets; however, recently there has been a sudden interest in decorating the walls as well. From natural landscapes to funky geometric patterns, redecorating your bathroom wall tiles can do wonders for the overall look of the room. You can choose a design you like or a photograph that really made an impression and incorporate it on your bathroom wall. Imagine taking a warm bath while looking at wall tiles covered with artwork, how amazing is that?

butterfly art bathroom
tiled bath decor


When we already mentioned graphic walls, we cannot but think of colored shower tiles, especially those in steam room showers. So our next big redesign idea is creating a small steam room in your bathroom. You can choose to purchase a steam shower and add appropriate seating inside or you can build a steam room separately. Whatever you choose it will definitely pay off, especially after a hard and exhausting day at work.

steam room decor
sauna bath


Having wooden décor in moist rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens recently stopped being a taboo topic. That’s why we can all expect that in 2020 many homeowners will decide to install hardwood flooring or timber amenities in their bathroom. However, the wrong wood is  prone to water and moisture damage, so if you choose this remodel make sure to purchase adequate and quality materials that will be strong enough to fight off a bathroom leak.

wood shower decorate
wood shower decor


Interior design trends are constantly changing, but some of them are so good that they continue to impress homeowners for years, if not decades. The industrially styled bathroom has been around for quite some time, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot add a few such features in your washroom. Some popular ideas are: exposed brick walls, brass or golden hardware, cement flooring, and exposed attic joists.

The good thing is that industrial features work amazing with other bathroom designs and styles. So for example, a brass faucet can be mixed both with a soapstone countertop and with sleek, geometric bathroom wall tiles.

steam room decor
stone wall bath

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