Usually, Airbnb guests want to be astonished by the properties they are staying in, they want to have an experience rather than just staying in a stranger’s empty house. This means that if your Airbnb isn’t in a breathtaking location with lovely views near oceans or mountains, you have to focus on the power of interior design.

Improving reviews and increasing the number of guests is easy, you just have to decide where you want to start! This article is for all those who want to remodel their Airbnb or hotel bathroom, making the entire property truly stand out among competitors.


When designing for an Airbnb or any other type of rental, one must be cautions when choosing the materials. For example, antiques and expensive furniture or artwork should be avoided since they can get easily damaged or stolen.

To avoid covering the cost for any incidents, it is strongly advised that you always go with the easiest and most affordable design solutions. Instead of buying hardwood flooring, invest in luxury vinyl planks, or instead of adding expensive artwork, figure out a fun and creative solution like adding colored shower tiles or patterned wallpapers.


Most experienced Airbnb hosts highly recommend investing in a bathroom remodel. Why is this so? Well, imagine a tired guest that finally arrives at your Airbnb after a long and difficult journey. What is the first thing he/she would want to do? Most people would instantly go to the bathroom, wanting to relax a bit with a shower or a warm bath.

That’s why in the world of vacation rentals, the bathroom is the most powerful way of touching the souls of guests. So whether you invest in a bamboo freestanding tub or a steam shower with colored bathroom wall tiles, such investments will definitely pay off at the end. Additionally, you can even increase your price by adding unique features such as a mini saunas, Jacuzzi's, or underfloor heating.


The wisest thing you can do before starting with the actual remodel, is to find out more about recent design trends. After all, having an Airbnb is literally like running a business, you have to know your target audience! So what do most people want? Here are the most adored design features in hotels and rentals, according to the average guests:

  • Jacuzzi tubs – There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t like a Jacuzzi. Guests put this as one of the top features you can find in a hotel or Airbnb accommodation.
  • Artwork on shower tiles – People love looking at artwork in their Airbnb. It’s things like graphic shower tiles that can truly enrich a guest’s experience, so no wonder that this remodel is in the second position.
  • Steam showers – As much as guests adore colored bathroom walls, they also want to enjoy their own steam room. Luckily, you can combine both! Geometrical tiles in a special steam shower, it is the perfect recipe for a 5 star review.
  • Mini bars – Even though it might sound unusual to some, bathroom minibars are one of the most popular design ideas. When you think about it, who wouldn’t want a vacation where you enjoy a bath with a glass of wine?

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