When remodeling a gym’s locker room, it is highly recommended that we should start with the shower area. According to expert designers, this area’s layout and style is the most important factor and once you find its ideal look, you will easily finish the rest of the locker room.

And the design of a gym’s shower area should depend on the message that the owners want to share with their customers. Most gyms tend to be modern and bright with sleek and contemporary designs, however, the times are changing and many gym owners are now ready to experiment with other styles. Here are some interesting ideas to get you furtherly inspired:


Adored by younger homeowners, the industrial look is a great way to experiment with a gym’s shower design. Whether you will incorporate it through cement flooring, brass showerheads, or a brick shower wall, rest assured that this style will positively influence the gym’s visitors.

To achieve maximum perfection, you can add large plants inside each cabin to contrast the grey cement and the red brick. This will allow your clients to step inside a different and unusual world, completely forgetting their problems for a while. Additionally, an industrially styled shower area will definitely make your gym easier to remember and stand out amongst competitors.

gym industrial
gym industrial


Even though there are many unconventional ways of designing a gym’s shower area, most people prefer the classic and common features such as glass sliding doors, neon colors, and white tiles.  But, to make your property unique and enjoyable, you can always add a bit of twist to these expected layouts.

For example, you can personalize each cabin by adding different designs on the shower tiles. Enrich one shower cabin/stall with geometrically styled tiles while decorating the one next to it with tropical scenery and vinyl graphics. This will allow visitors to choose their ideal shower stall, making the entire experience much more pleasant and fun. On top of it all, experts suggest that younger clientele wants authentic features as opposed to the old-fashioned ways of doing things.

gym decor
gym decor


When it comes to interior design, there are no “good” nor “bad” styles. Everybody chooses a look based on their personal preferences. This means that you have the complete freedom to design the gym of your dreams. For some, this dreamy space is filled with marble and luxurious chandeliers and for others it has fire pits and lava rocks, bringing nature indoors … whatever it is, remember that everything is possible!

But, instead of going over budget and investing in marble-exclusive bathroom walls, you can purchase marble wallpaper or colored tiles which will give a similar look. The same goes for wooden features. Since timber and hardwood don’t work well in moisty rooms, you can invest in durable designs that can be made to look like them.

If you aren’t concerned with budget then feel free to run wild! There are plenty of ways for making a gym’s shower room feel more luxurious, including underfloor heating, relaxing seating areas, natural stone countertops and amenities, and large vinyl artworks on the bathroom wall tiles.


nature gym

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