It's easy to color your bathroom tiled walls

You could change the color of your bathroom wall tiles without having to rip out the old and going to the expense and time of installing new. Even if you were so inclined to replace your old or boring wall tiles, the availability of colors is sometimes limited to beige and not so beige. Now you have the ability to choose from a hundreds of colors and shades, and even custom color tones.

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V-wrap allows you to bond a thin vinyl colored film to your wall tiles. It stays securely in place through hundreds of shower cycles, not adversely affected by water and steam. The film removes from the surface whenever you’re ready to change the color again.

To add visual interest and change the feeling of a usually small area, create an accent wall to visually expand the space. Be as bold or subtle as you like without worry of making an expensive mistake. Simply switch-out the V-wrap when you think it’s time to remove.

You could also choose to place a graphic image on V-wrap. It could be your favorite art piece or something inspirational or relaxing when you’re soaking in your tub. When you’re ready to change the image, just peel off the wrap.

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Here are the steps and materials needed for installing film wrap to you wall.

  1. Make sure you remove mildew, soap scum, and hard water buildup on the wall so the film is able to bond securely to surface. Scouring pad with hard water remover, then Mr. Clean white sponge works well. Rinse well.
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2. With a lint-free cloth, like a microfiber, spray 70% isopropyl alcohol/ 30% water mix on the wall and wipe. The alcohol helps carry away the residue from step one cleaning and evaporates quickly.


3. Assuming you have measured your walls and cut the V-wrap to fit your space, peel just the top portion of the V-wrap and stick it just above where it will be installed. Now spray a mist of water on the wall. This will allow you to easily position the vinyl on the wall without it sticking. Now peel away the rest of the liner backing. Press the V-wrap against the wall and begin to smooth out with your hand. Once you have it against the wall without wrinkles, use a squeegee to apply pressure on the vinyl and activate the adhesive. You will squeeze out the water and air bubbles

4. Squeegee from center outwards, making sure the water and air bubbles are released to the edge of V-wrap so it can escape to the air.

5. For maintaining V-wrap clean, use Mr. clean white sponge and water isopropyl alcohol mix.


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