You purchased a house with ugly pink tiles on the bathroom walls, and either you don’t have time or the budget to quickly replace those tiles. You may be flipping the house for a quick sale or you have family and friends staying over, and those tiles just need to go.

bathroom decor help

There exists a way to not only quickly cover up ugly wall tiles but to give your bathroom an updated and clean look.

V-wrap is a vinyl wall wrapping system that you could place on your walls yourself in half a day. Unlike full tile replacement, it’s fast and cleaner with little down time. You could use your bathroom within minutes of completing the wall wrap.

v-wrap wall tile color

How it works. V-wrap is a stretchy vinyl material that adheres to wall surfaces and is able to flow into the contours, such as grout lines. Because of this you won’t see any more grout. If your grout is dirty or ugly, this could be a good thing. You are not able to add grout as the vinyl will not hold it in place. The wrap will remain secure to the walls for years, even when hot showering. You could remove it with a heat gun and some muscle.


Tools needed: V-wrap, cutting knife, water, and a squeegee. For installation video, see here.


  1. Don’t go all personality on the available colors and graphics. While we are tempted to show our personality on walls, we don’t necessarily want to impose it on others, particularly if you are selling the house. V-wrap is available in hundreds of colors and shades, and graphic motifs, but stay safe with neutral colors (black, white, gray, and sometimes brown and beige). If you have a small strip of area, you could add an iridescent gray color for a little pop.
  2. Measure carefully the square footage you need, then add 10% for safety. You’ll need to tuck the vinyl at the edges and extra if you somehow accidentally tear a portion of the wrap.
  3. You can’t mess this up since your baseline was that hideous colored tile to begin with. Once you have your bathroom tile nice and presentable, the other parts of your bathroom may also need a little pick me up, but that’s for another blog!