We know there are some very talented artists out there, waiting to be discovered by the world. We would like to assist in your discovery. We would like to place your quality work on one of our Photo Paint Palettes and promote your work on our varied media platforms.

We have a unique and compelling way to showcase your work using our Photo Paint Palette. If you are not yet familiar with this medium, please look at our video section and product page and then come back here.

Why would you want to consider Photo Paint Palette for your art? There are several answers to this question.

  1. The more people who place eyes on your work, the better chances of our success.
  2. Very little time investment on your part; “passive income” opportunity.
  3. No financial cost to you. We print from your digital copy.
  4. The Photo Paint Palettes give additional reason for customers to purchase your work.
  5. The Palettes are easy to mount and available in several sizes up to 48”x96”
  6. If you’re muralists, your work is portable for clients and no extra labor needed to produce.
  7. Photo Paint Palettes are reasonably priced.
  8. We could go on, but you get the idea.

How does it work and how do you become a partner? First, quality of work must be compelling and of quality work. Sorry, we sometimes turn away artists who don’t fit our criteria, but we have a broad array of art interest and open minded to all art types that will look good on a Photo Paint Palette.

How expensive are Photo Paint Palettes? Very competitive compared to traditional canvas wrapped prints. For example, your wholesale price for a 18”x24” thick canvas wrap print from CG Pro Prints is $47.99. When you purchase 18” x 24” Photo Paint Palette at the wholesale price, it’s $38.40, leaving you more room to increase your profit margin.

So if you are an artist with your own flair, or you know of an artist looking to expand their reach, please contact me directly (kevinf@mywholewall.com) for compensation information and more details.