You may have seen $10 and 10 minutes to make your own backdrop stand. Well, to be honest, the project cost more like $15.00 ($14.81 to be exact). And after driving to and from my Home Depot for the materials, measuring and cutting, my time investment was about 1.5 hours. But once material was cut and ready to assemble, the putting it together part took less than 10 minutes.

parts list backdrop

WHAT you need:

(3) 10′ lengths of 3/4″ PVC

(4) 3/4″ PVC end caps (optional to cover the feet)

(4) 3/4″ PVC T Pieces

(2) 3/4″ PVC Elbow Pieces

WHAT to cut:

2 pieces cut at 54 inches long (cut from one 10′ pipe);

2 pieces cut at 30 inches long (cut from second 10′ pipe); from the remaining length, cut two 18” pieces for the front legs.

2 pieces cut at 48 inches long (cut from third 10′ pipe); this will leave 24” length. Cut the length in half for the back legs.

I was inspired by Down Home Inspiration (, and just made some adjustments to add height.


The initial assembly resulted in the backdrop stand being way too short for my height, 6-feet. But that was easily fixed by adding a couple larger sections of pvc pipe.

short backdrop stand
short backdrop stand
tall backdrop stand

Here are the connectors needed to assemble the whole thing. Home Depot sells PVC pipe in 10 foot lengths, which just fit in my mid-size suv.

cutting tube

parts for backdrop stand

You could cut with a hand held saw, in the case you want a really hard workout, but you need to secure it in a miter box so it doesn’t move around. The best thing to use is a miter saw. If you do any cutting at all, or want to start, a miter saw should be on top of your power tool to buy list. I purchased an inexpensive one from Harbor Freight (if I cut on a regular bases, I’d invest in better quality miter). The saw cut the pvc tube almost like butter.


Now that you cut all the pieces, it’s smooth sailing from here. This is not an Ikea unboxing situation. Assembly was a no-brainer. Just layout the pieces and pvc pipe and twist them together. Viola! A backdrop stand. Initially, it felt a little flimsy. It kind of moves from side to side, but it held up great with the backdrop installed. Once you place the backdrop on the stand, there is some forward push, which is why you place the longer legs in the front to add stability.

backdrop stand

HOW to mount a backdrop to your new backdrop stand:

What you need:

  1. Apartment Tape

  2. 60” wide vinyl backdrop

Apartment Tape is a neat foam tape that has permanent adhesive on one side and removable adhesive on the other side. You normally place removable side against the wall, so when you remove it, no wall damage, and you get your cleaning deposit back! In our case, place the permanent side against the pvc pipe side and the removable side will go against the backdrop. This will allow you to easily remove the backdrop from the stand.

apartment tape
apartment tape

With the backdrop rolled, place the top edge at the height you want. Press down very firmly. Once you have a portion of top in place, start to unroll the backdrop so you could attach the other end. Stretch the backdrop slightly as you attach it to the tape. You’ll get a nice, tight backdrop. Work your way down one side then the other.

attaching backdrop1

Stretch as you place

attaching backdrop1

Press very firmly to activate adhesive

unrolling banner backdrop

unrolling banner backdrop

unrolling banner backdrop

unrolling banner backdrop

unrolling banner backdrop

unrolling banner backdrop

Do you like the backdrop stand but want someone else to buy and cut the pieces? Well, Click on the backdrop here to buy it.

backdrop stand


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