Graffiti Art: Bandit Girl 18″ x 14″


Graffiti Art: Bandit Girl 18″ x 14″



This is a Photo Paint Palette, meaning it has no frame and has a flowing shape that is achieved with a laser then hand trim.

This Photo Paint Palette featuring graffiti painting from a city setting. The bandit woman has lots of color and detail. Measures 18″ x 14″

The palette is made from light-weight polystyrene using UV ink coating (so images don’t fade in light). It mounts to wall with special foam tape. It ships with a removable foam tape, but we also provide a package of aggressive permanent foam tape for more difficult sticking surfaces.

I started these palettes after working with several makers of canvas art (think large industrial companies). The short story is I thought I could make an original piece that was not constrained by a frame or a square shape.

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