A rough wall like wood or brick could sometimes create a masculine or one-sided sound. By placing an unexpected object in the room that surprises the eye, the space begins to feel more dimensional. Mixed martial arts fighter, and ultimate he-man, Chuck Liddell, would paint his toe nails pink. That not only contrasted vividly with his tough-guy persona, but told you how superbly confident he was as a man’s man. So we show you some brave examples on how to balance out a hard room.

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iron lotus

Stone lotus by my wholewall

A hard room not only refers to the physical materials of a wall, but also when there is an absence of architecture in the room. To create a visual and emotional appeal in this case, add an oversized visual above the space to bring a sense of drama to the room. A very well known poem (yea, people knew about poetry in our history) by William Carlos Williams was simple in statement, but its visual appeal by using simple and colorful objects created a vivid imagination in the reader’s mind. Here’s “The Red Wheelbarrow” Poem:

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

So here the poet is giving you a story. The story that  you create with the visuals given by way of a poem. When you create a visual (room design), particularly against a casual background, you have your own idea of that impact in your mind, but you also invite the visitor to form her own story with your creation. While this is what art is about, you should keep your design to always fit your suitability. Something Elsie de Wolfe emphasized.

oversized flower

oversized flower by mywholewall

Dual Flower

Dual Flower by mywholewall