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Adhesive Floating Mounting Blocks

Our Adhesive floating mounting blocks can be used for hanging

Art Prints


Art Objects


Easily and securely hang artworks without the need for drilling holes in walls.

The very aggressive adhesive sticks to all types of walls:

brick, stucco cement, wood,

Use indoor or outdoor


Available in half inch and one inch thicknesses.

Create floating over wall affect

How to use

First, clean surface with isopropyl alcohol.

If placing on stucco cement or brick, brush away surface dust.

Apply the blocks to your art.

Align on wall, and press very firmly over the adhesive area.

You’re done!


For larger wall prints that are rigid (not bendable), it is recommended to center the adhesive blocks rather than place on the edges of the print. This is because frames and wall will be slightly warped the farther off center you go, pulling one side of the adhesive away from wall.