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How to use re-stickable, removable tape–Best practices for wall display

Our re-stickable, clean removable tape can be used for hanging


Digital printed art

Canvas framed art

And decorations

Use on your wall without worry of causing wall damage.

Works on most indoor wall surfaces like painted drywall or sheetrock, laminated wood paneling, and even wallpaper

If you have stucco cement, brick wall, or tiled wall use our outdoor art hang tape.

How to Use

  1. Clean wall with isopropyl alcohol

2. Apply tape to back of art, sticking permanent side to frame and red print liner facing outside

3. Remove the liner and attach art print to wall.

4. Once you have your art just the way you like, press very firmly at the adhesive area to activate the adhesive.

5. There, you’re done!

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