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Holding Weight Power of Adhesive

We are often asked how much weight will the adhesive hold. We will try to simplify the answer with the weight chart below.

The chart is a working estimate since all wall surfaces will be different, due to type of paint, wall texture, humidity, dryness, etc, but it will give you a very close approximation on how much tape you will need for your project. And more tape is better than not using enough tape, putting aside we’d like for you to use more of our fine tape.

The weight is in ounces. First look at left side for the type of adhesive you will be using, re-stickable or permanent. Then what kind of wall will you place your project on.

Pro tip

for placing adhesive tape, re-stickable and permanent on larger, rigid (not bendable), pieces for wall: place adhesive tape closer to the center rather than further away.

The reason for centering adhesive on larger art pieces and signage is because warping occurs the further you go from center, walls and artwork will get slightly warped and will get more noticeable at greater distances, pulling one side of the adhesive away from the wall.

If you have flexible work pieces, then ok to distance the tape as the bendable nature of the object will compensate for any warping.