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Solution for wall hanging art decor and signage for outdoors

There are several options available for hanging digital art prints, canvas art, and general décor on inside walls, however, there are nowhere near the same options for easily hanging artworks outside the home or business. The biggest obstacle for hanging outdoors is the materials in which to hang a creative art piece is different than walls of indoor spaces. The rough and uneven surfaces of brick and cement walls inhibits most adhesive tape options. Then there is the exposure to weather–sun and rain in extreme heat and cold ranges. The usual solution is to use wall anchors that require drilling into the side of a house or on a wall. But having the right adhesive system will allow you to simply peel and stick an art print to outdoor wall surfaces.

Outdoor design firms and professionals who specialize in landscape design our creating inviting outdoor living spaces for their clients often overlook the added value that a well designed art piece, be it on canvas, wood, acrylic, or metal print, can accomplish to add that final touch to their work or enhance the mood that you want to convey in your design. 

Command Strips, restickable art frames, will not bond very well to materials like stucco (cement) and brick. You could, of course, drill and tap into these substrates, but it’s not easy and holes might not be desirable.

A clear option, is a double-sided tape for outdoors. 3M’s VHB (very high bond) tape has been successfully used outdoors for years by professional sign installers. However, this is usually the wrong tape to use. It will work great on smooth, easy to bond to surfaces, like metal, but use it on concrete and it will slip away like butter. A medium firm foam tape with an adhesive that delivers good wet-out will be your best friend for outdoor wall hanging work.

The foam will fill in the cracks, pores, and uneven surface of materials like stucco and brick. VHB tape foam is much too firm to dig into these spaces, and generally do not spread the adhesive over a wide area when pressure is applied.

The foam will come with various thickness options. 1/16” thick should be the minimum thickness to consider, and 1/2″ and 1” thick will allow your to “float” your art and signage off the wall, giving a more sophisticated appearance.

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